When you are real estate business, it’s all about generating leads, getting top listings, and growing your sales. And to achieve that, you need a winning marketing strategy.

The main thing about real estate marketing is that it’s constantly changing. Your last-year strategy won’t necessarily work today, and one marketing way is never enough.

So what are the trending marketing strategies? Here are the 9 ideas for successful real estate marketing in 2022

Boost your social media presence

Nowadays is the place to be and where everyone at nowadays.

  1. Post your listings on your social media profiles, and don’t settle only on Facebook.
  2. Use other social media networks like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat.
  3. Diversify your content as much as possible. Photos and videos are the obvious way, but also use contests & polls, which help you gather more information and let your potential customers feel involved and express their opinions.

For example, ask them about their preferred home style:

It can also be one of the following:

  • Carpet or hardwood?
  • Marble or Granite?
  • Shower or Tub?
  • What type of flooring do you like the best?

It will do wonders for your marketing!

Hire a professional photographer

Studies show that 90% of homebuyers are the most important thing when deciding to view a property.
As the old saying goes: A picture is worth a thousand words, and good images are essential to leave a good last impression.

But don’t do it on your own. Even if you have a good camera on your smartphone, it’s not enough to make your listing stand out. Hire a professional photographer that will make the most out of the property.

Why hire a professional?

  1. They have better cameras with better technology
  2. They know how to capture the right angles
  3. They can improve the quality after the short during pos-production
  4. They know how to use lighting better, and they have the right equipment for that

Here’s an example of amateur vs. professional photography:

Home entry way side by side real estate photos

(Credit: KMyersPhotography)

Remember – Good photos can make the difference between for sale and sold.

Use more video content

With the rise of social media networks, especially TikTok & Instagram, video is becoming more popular and influential in marketing, especially real estate.
Video marketing will help you increase your visibility, engage more with your audience and present yourself and your listings.

Here’s an example of an excellent listing home tour:

Video marketing can come in many ways:

  • Use professional videos to feature your property facilities, interiors, and amenities.
  • Hire a drone expert, create a fly-through video, and show your property and the neighborhood – it will impress both your buyers and sellers.

Here’s a great video that incorporates drone fly-through shots:

  • Go live on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok and talk to your audience in real-time. It will put you in front of your audience and help you interact with them directly, build your brand and develop relationships – real estate is all about the people!


3D & virtual tours

Virtual home tours, especially after the pandemic, have become a popular way to showcase your property.

Allowing your potential customer to see your listing without getting out of the house will help you reach more people, even from distanced places.
People, especially in the USA, are moving across the country and can’t fly or drive for hours every time they want to see a property, and virtual tours can be the solution for them.

Here’s an example of a virtual tour using the Matterport camera


Only 40% of the agents are using virtual tours. Using the option can give you a considerable advantage and show your sellers that you mean business.

Use virtual home staging

In the same way, virtual home tours became popular because of the pandemic and virtual home staging.
It will allow your potential customer to see the property without investing in actual staging, furniture rentals, and renovations and can also show off possible renovations to the property.

Look at the before & after when using virtual home staging:


(Credit: Virtual Staging Lab )

Huge difference, and it’s all virtual. No heavy lifting is needed!

Although it seems complex, virtual staging doesn’t require any special skills and can be done quickly with various companies such as Virtual Staging Lab, iStaging, or RoOmy.

Create a single property website

Buying a home is a complicated thing for most people. Usually, they would like to see every piece of information about the property: features, photos, neighborhood data, videos, and more.
Single property websites can gather all of the above and include all the essential information in one place.

Here’s a great example of an informative yet aesthetic single property website:

real estate single property website template

(Click on the image to see a preview)

Other than that, websites can be promoted on social media and online advertising and help you show your property in a beautiful, convenient way.

Use email marketing

Many agents think that social media is enough nowadays, but the opposite is true. It’s essential to reach out to potential customers on social media, direct mail, and especially email marketing.

Branding is about being in all places at the same time. It helps your doubting customers and will help them think of you when they want to make a decision. It makes you memorable, and when
99% of email users check their email every day; you want to be there!

Here’s a great example by Smith & Berg, combining both an educational post for their past customers and a housing opportunity for potential clients:

Smith & Berg Partners real estate email newsletter examples


And it doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be either a “welcome” email, a simple newsletter, or an update about upcoming listings.

Direct mail marketing

People usually think that direct mail marketing is an old-fashioned strategy, but it is not.
Direct mail marketing can give you a direct connection to potential customers in local geography and reach every door in the area.

Postcard 45

It is also scalable and usually easy to use and can be very affordable compared to other strategies, and usually, it’s automated. Just create the postcard and the area, and there are companies we will do the rest for you.

Don’t skip on direct mail marketing. Remember – branding is about being in every place your audience is, and what’s better than their home?

Use a killer buyer presentation

When you meet a potential customer, it’s your time to shine!
People nowadays, and especially homebuyers, can be very picky when it comes to choosing their agent.
They won’t just close a deal with the first one. They are more aware, have plenty of options, and do their research.

An effective buyer presentation can help you close the deal and convince your buyer that you are the one.

Show them who you are and your knowledge, ask questions and listen to what they say. It will help you build a professional relationship and show them you mean business.

In conclusion

In conclusion, there are many options for a real estate marketing strategy. Invest in both new and traditional marketing: business cards, newspaper ads, yard signs, and flyers can also work for you.

Remember, marketing is never about one “weapon.” It’s a complete package. Online or offline, new or old technologies, trendy or not, you want to be in every place possible and always remain relevant.

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