Service is operated by  , Trusted by top global brands around the world
Service is operated by  , Trusted by top global brands around the world

The best way to reach every home

Increased Your Response Rate

We use special targeting so that you won’t waste your money on an irrelevant audience, so your mailings will go to people who are more likely to respond to your ads.

Low Fees

Using our EDDM services saves money and gets the lowest fees, incl. postage, and no hidden fees or extra charges from the Post Office.

High-Quality Mailing Lists

Easily build a list using geographic, demographic, and behavioral filters, and get a possible mailing list. have your own list? You can use it as well!

Fast Delivery

As an official partner with USPS, rest assured your direct mail will arrive as planned, as fast as possible

2 types of campaign to choose from

Every Door Direct Mail®

EDDM® gives marketers a way to target customers using geographic and demographic data based on postal carrier routes. The mapping tool shows you which neighborhoods are hot vs. cold for your target audience and allows you to mail specifically to them.
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Personalized Mail

Got a specific customers list?
Personalized mail is the one for you. Find new prospects using geographic, demographic, and behavioral attributes. Then download your mailing list or launch complete direct mail campaigns.

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4 postcards to choose from

4 x 6

Personalized Mail
Fits every mailbox
Ideal for events
Most affordable format

6.25 x 9

“The Workhorse”
Ideal for general purposes
Most popular format

6 x 11

Personalized Mail
Eye catching shape
Ideal for promos
Most affordable format

8.5 x 11

Maximum visibility
Ideal for multiple promos
Most popular large format

How it works

So, how can i send my direct mail campaign?

1 Create your design

Select your design from hundreds of templates, customize & download it, Or use an existing design.

2 Target your customers

Use the mapping tool to target new prospects and current customers using demographics.

3 Launch your campaign

Decide on timing, frequency, and other aspects of your campaign. Then launch it, and you’re done.

Variety of tools to
make the most out of the campaign

Geo Targeting

Target potential customers in a georgaphic area

Target specific areas using filters such as zip codes, addresses, drive time, or radius to target the best and most relevant potential customers.

direct campaign geographic targeting tool
direct campaign demographic targeting tool
Demographic Targeting

Target specific customers & demographics

Refine your mailing list with filters such as age, income, homeownership, and more to target the best prospects possible

Mapping Tool

Easy-to-use area selection tool

With this tool, you can easily search by geographic location and use demographic filters such as age, income, homeownership, and more to refine your search.

direct mail area tool
direct mail real estate templates

Ready-to-use stunning templates

Hundreds of ready-to-use postcard templates, in various sizes, designed and hand-picked by our top designers

Bottom line

How much will it cost me?

Quantity 4 x 6 6.25 x 9 8.5 x 11 6 x 11
1,000 32¢ 58¢ 60¢ 49¢
2,500 27¢ 43¢ 50¢ 39¢
5,000 24¢ 42¢ 41¢ 37¢
10,000 21¢ 37¢ 36¢ 35¢
25,000 19¢ 35¢ 34¢ 33¢
50,000 18¢ 34¢ 33¢ 32¢

What’s included?

Full-color printing, both sides

Mail preparation services

USPS® documentation

USPS® postage

Delivery to mailboxes

Caculate your estimated campaign costs:

I want to send
30 Postcards
Sending 30 pieces of 4x6 postcards will cost you approximately:
$1 ($ / piece)*

*Prices may vary. Subscription fee is not included in cost calculation.


Why Using Direct Mail Campaigns?

Long Lifespan

Households keep their mail for over 14 days before throwing it in the trash – customers and their families will have plenty of time to check it out.

Response Rate

Direct mail response rates are 5-9 times higher than any other advertising channel.

First Time

39% of consumers try a business for the first time because of direct mail.

Personal Attention

70% of consumers say direct mail is more personal than online interactions.

Frequrently Asked Questions

You can schedule your preferred delivery window during checkout. On average, it takes 1-2 weeks total from the time you order, depending on the design option that you choose. As with all marketing, it is best to plan your campaign so that you have time to execute a successful strategy.

Our vendor, Taradel, manages, runs, and billed all campaigns via their dedicated platform.

The billing on the campaign is paid directly to Taradel, our mail vendor, and they handle everything related to the campaign.

No. Taradel’s dedicated team manages all of the paperwork and drop-offs for you. Just place your order, and you’re done!

If you don’t have your mailing list, you can build one using your desired criteria.

Learn more about our personalized direct mail services.

That’s a tough one because there is so much variance. Numerous factors, including offers, timing, competition, and more, determine response rates. We can help you create great ads, based on current best practices, and our services include optional access to a reporting dashboard which you can use to monitor calls, clicks, and more.

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