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real estate lead war room
Lead War-Room

See all your leads in one place

See all your leads, all your potential clients, from all your campaigns, in one place.

Never miss a thing

Get notified about every new lead

You can get lead notifications to any phone number or email, so you’ll never miss a new lead. Because in real estate, every lead counts, and who knows? It might be your next buyer!

lead notifications
Lead Center Lead Notes
Never forget a thing!

Add your own notes to your leads

Is your customer is available from 4 pm-6 pm? Is he interested in ocean view? Write a note, and show your customer you know and you care!

Lead Integration

Lead forms that come right into your lead center

When you get many leads like our customers, you can’t use only email or sticky notes. You better be organized. With our Lead Center, you’ll have everything organized in one location.

real estate lead forms

More to know…

Add your own leads

Got leads from other locations? add your leads and manage them in one location

Lead Status Management

Organize your leads according to their status so that you can follow up with your customers every step of the way.

Filter & Breakdowns

Break down your potential customers according to dates, status, type, and keep your mind organized and focused on selling rather than memorizing.

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