Professional tool to spread
your word around

Highest ROI

Every expert knows, Facebook marketing offers the best and highest return for your money.

No special skills needed

We will guide you every step of the way – you choose your listings and template, we’ll do the rest.

Promote your listings in no time

An average Facebook campaign takes hours to plan, the landing page, copy, images – takes time and money. We have already done it for you, bottom to top.

Spend Less, Get Way More!

Instead of paying top dollar for copywriter, designer, developer, we offer you everything, ready to go, at a very cheap price

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Lead Generation

Great way to engage with potential customers

Connect and engage with your customers and grow bigger with our email marketing campaigns

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Send all your listings in one click

Send all your relevant listings to all the potential customers in just one click, it takes less than 10 seconds!

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Send emails that really reach customers inbox

Getting your emails delivered is a top priority.
Most of the services do not reach the inbox and reach the spam folder.
Use our service to get optimal inbox placement and stay focused on spreading the word out, we’ll do the rest.


Why Using Email Marketing?

Users worldwide

There are ~3.8 billion email users worldwide, 50% more than social media users


4400% ROI (44$ revenue on every $1 spent), 22x more(!) than Google Ads, with 2$ revenue on every $1.

CTR (Click-through rate)

3.2% CTR, more than Google Ads (3.1%)

Preferred Communication Method

73% of millennials identify email as their preferred means of business communication

More to know…


Responsive to any device your potential customers might have: Smartphone, tablet, or desktop

Real-Time Analytics

See all the relevant analytics in one place: visitors, leads, and conversion rate, to make the most out of your website

Integrated w/ Listing Pages

Every listing leads to their listing pages and markets them to allow potential customers to get more information about your listings.

So, how can i create an email marketing?

  1. Create your Property Face account
  2. Add your listings
  3. Choose your recipients and listings
  4. Send and get ready to be LOADED!
how to use email marketing in real estate

Frequrently Asked Questions

Are there any special skills required?

No, just choose your desired campaign and your listings, and we’ll do the rest for you.

I don’t have an email list, what can I do?

To grow your email list, you need to create other campaigns, such as Facebook campaigns, and capture emails of potential customers for later use.

How can i use it to engage with customers?

You can use it for both buyers and sellers. f.e send potential buyers your hot listings or create a dedicated campaign to acquire sellers by offering special promotions.

Is there any extra fees per email sent?

No, it’s unlimited, send as many emails as you want (just be careful, do not send spam otherwise you can get a block)

Ready to go BIG?

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